The Space Between

What lies in the space between where you are & want to be?
Whatever the level, competing in any sport allows you the chance to test yourself physically and mentally, to be your very best and to find out just how far you can go.
Training physically to improve your fitness or skills is only one part of being ‘game ready’.

Psychological preparation can be what defines the difference that makes the difference. Working with elite athletes and committed amateurs, I provide a combination of hypnosis and NLP coaching. This can be for short-term interventions (for example returning from injury, or to overcome a specific blocker), or as part of a longer term and ongoing relationship as you progress from season to season, or through competition.

In working together, areas that can worked with include:
Competition – preparation for competition, that allows you to be at your best and to manage all of the demands that accompany competing at the highest levels.

Goal setting
 – create clear and motivating goals, the steps towards them, connect with your dreams, inspire yourself to action and build belief in what you are capable of.

Injury & rehabilitation
 – hypnosis can be a powerful tool in healing and recovery from injury, and in overcoming any fears or resistance that emerge as you finalise rehabilitation and return to competition.

Anxiety – worry about competition, past results or any of the aspects that accompany being an athlete can drain the vital energy for rest, recovery and training. Strategies to manage over-thinking and dealing with anxiety are important tools for athletes at any level.
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