The Space Between

What lies in the space between where you are & want to be?

At any time in our lives, we each desire something a little different. And often, the little things can make a big difference. Sometimes, we can be moved to make a big change, and sometimes these changes are thrust upon us.

“I know that I shouldn’t smoke / eat badly / be afraid of spiders”… or whatever it is. Truth is, we do.

Coaching can give you the space to explore the symptoms or cause of a problem and to come to a new understanding that filters out through the rest of your life. Undertaking coaching can be of real value in recognising the unique value that you have, having the courage to invest time in yourself and in taking ownership for how it is that you want to be in the world.
Some of the areas that I have worked with include:
Fears & phobias
Stop smoking
Weight loss
Goals & Dreams

There is however as many areas to work with, as there are people who have a goal or limitation that they would like to work with. Please contact me to discuss what it is that you want, to ask any questions, or to find out more about how it may be possible to help support your change.

I have provided coaching to individuals and teams both within a corporate and personal setting for a number of years. I provide coaching using practical techniques, including NLP. Sessions vary, depending on individual needs that can be discussed with you during a free consultation.

Coaching may help with:

Searching for, and preparing for a new job
Interview preparation
Confidence & self esteem
Goal setting or decision making
Managing stress
Breaking unwanted habits
Personal change

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