The Space Between

What lies in the space between where you are & want to be?
Let's start the conversation
Before beginning any work together, you will be able to have a free consultation (by phone or in person if possible). This gives the opportunity to find out about the work that might be possible and to ask questions.

At the same time, it provides me with the opportunity to find out more about what you wish to work on, and to provide you with some direction about what work may be possible.
When choosing to work with someone, a working relationship is formed and it is often in the space between two people that much of the change takes place. It is therefore important to take some time to find out if the person you will be working is right for you. 

Any contact you have with me will be confidential, although I reserve the right to talk to you about breaking this, should there be any serious concerns about your welfare. When working with other professionals (for example physiotherapists during rehabilitation) then I am happy to share the work that we are doing together, although will require your consent.
Coaching can give you the space to explore the symptoms or cause of a problem and to come to a new understanding that filters out through the rest of your life. Undertaking coaching can be of real value in recognising the unique value that you have, having the courage to invest time in yourself and in taking ownership for how it is that you want to be in the world.
Working with business leaders, elite athletes and individuals, as part of leadership programmes, competition and performance. I can provide executive, in house coaching for achievement of goals, performance improvement.

A member of the Professional Guild of NLP and Association of NLP (ANLP), I work within the ethical standards of these organizations and provide confidential and professional coaching interventions.
Whatever the level, competing in any sport allows you the chance to test yourself physically and mentally, to be your very best and to find out just how far you can go.